Bertina blueberry liqueur

Bertina Blueberry Liqueur

A Real Blueberry that gives strength to each signature cocktail.

Product information

Bertina Blueberry liqueur is made with real handpicked natural blueberries that are crushed and soaked in ethanol for 4 weeks. The “natural extract” is then filtered and stabilized to the desired exquisite taste.


1.24 lbs (450gr) of hand picked Blueberries go to make each bottle lowest sugar (206 gr/l) content in the category! This quarantees the easy mixability with every traditional cocktail!

Tasting notes

Blueberry’s rich texture combined with the silkiness of Bertina recipe. Extremely trendy and will make a difference in your top selling cocktails as a key ingridient.


Made at an artisan distillery in Scandinavia

Signature Dessert

Extremely trendy and is used in many of today’s top selling dessert and cocktails as a key ingredient.

Bertina Blueberry Liqueur dessert

Bertina Blue-Dessert

Where to buy?

Bertina Blueberry Liqueur is available online throughout the USA. Find nearest venue for you.

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Blueberry Liqueur FAQ

We have selected questions that people are asked us. Here are our frequantly asked questions about Bertina blueberry liqueur.

Blueberry liqueur is based on hand picked blueberries from nature near the arctic circle. Blueberries are then mashed into an extract by soaking them in ethanol. Combining the extract with grain ethanol gives it the final deep coloring and smooth finish.

It is a liqueur made from real blueberries and ethanol.

Yes you can. You may consume Bertina blueberry liqueur on the rocks or neat from the refrigerator.

Bertina blueberry liqueur has 20% ABV (40 proofs)

You may but don’t have to.

Bertina blueberry liqueur does not have a strong taste profile. It goes well and does stand out from milder beverages or with desserts such as ice-cream or cheese cake. However, it does have a great, deep blue color and is used in cocktails to bring out drama in the visuality of the cocktail or for example with vanilla ice cream. No artificial coloring used.