Bertina Cloudberry- Elderflower Liqueur

Elderflower’s lightness with a tart twist from hand picked Cloudberries! A new sensational taste that will set your cocktails apart.

Product information

Hand picked cloudberries from Scandinavian swamp-lands= NOT available from anywhere else in the WORLD!


1.06 lbs (640gr) of hand picked Cloudberries go to make each bottle sugar content only 300gr/l. This quarantees the easy mixability with sparkling wine/Champagne, or enjoyed chilled by itself!

Tasting notes

Unique flavor Cloudberry & Elderflower. Sour/tart combined with fresh fruitiness. Extremely trendy and will make a difference in your top selling cocktails as a key ingredient.


Made at an artisan distillery in Scandinavia.

Signature Cocktail

Extremely trendy and is used in many of today’s top selling cocktails as a key ingredient.

Noche de Rabanos

Noche de Rabanos

Where to buy?

Bertina Cloudberry-Elderflower Liqueur is available online throughout the USA.
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Cloudberry-Elderflower Liqueur FAQ

We have selected questions that people are asked us. Here are our frequantly asked questions about Bertina Cloudberry-Elderflower liqueur.

The Bertina cloudberry-elderflower liqueur is a close sister to the elderflower liqueur. An additional ingredient, the cloudberry is added in similar fashion as in making the elderflower liqueur. The cloudberries are very rare and they grow in the world’s northernmost swamplands above the arctic circle where the season is short and the sunshine during the short summer months is 24 hours a day.

Cloudberry is an orange berry rich with vitamins. On its own it has a tart flavor and is often consumed with ice cream or with cheese bread common to Lapland’s nomads.

Yes you can, however the tarness may surprise you.

Bertina cloudberry-elderflower liqueur has 20% ABV (40 proofs)

You may but there is no real reason to do so.

Anything with little flavor. This beautiful cloudberry-elderflower liqueur will bring life to any old boring cocktail and all you need is a dash of it.