Differences in elderflower liqueurs

Bertina in floral bed
To compare liqueurs from one and another, one must understand how the liqueurs are made to begin with. Hence, we start by diving the raw materials of liqueurs into to natural ones and artificial ones.

Authentic elderflowers

When you are making a premium liqueur, your starting point is always in the highest possible quality of the raw materials Obviously the key ingredient in making an elderflower liqueur is the elderflower. As stated in the previous text, elderflowers grow in nature and have been around for some 4000 years at least. So obviously with this knowledge one must turn in finding the natural elderflower. Due to the delicacy and lightness of the flower, you need a sizeable portion of the elderflower. Despite the fact that elderflower is strong in its flavor, to soak them with ethanol you need an equal amount of elderflowers to make an equal amount of the final elixir, the elderflower liqueur. So, to make for example a liter of elderflower liqueur you do need a liter of elderflowers.

Why so many, you may ask? This is due to the fact that the elderflowers are soaked in ethanol and then removed. So, the actual flavor is taken out from the flower and soaked into ethanol. Due to the soaking, you will also avoid the need to use excess amounts of sugar to make it drinkable.

Man-made flavors

When you make an artificially flavored elderflower liqueur, you take a man-made flavor/chemical (essence) and mix it with ethanol. This is very quick as there is no soaking time involved but also you need a much higher sugar count to make it drinkable.

Bertina elderflower liqueur

If you compare Bertina elderflower liqueur to some other premiums elderflower liqueurs you will find further differences:

Quality: Bertina is a premium imported elderflower liqueur made from real elderflowers instead of essence (man-made artificial flavors/chemicals)

Flavor: Compared to other super premium brands, Bertina elderflower is more delicate/floral as the flavor should be. On practical level Bertina elderflower has the lowest sugar content of the segment, hence proving a strong taste sensation but low sweetness. Compared to the leading elderflower liqueur, Bertina elderflower has almost 20% less sugar.

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