The Creation of Bertina


 "There is absolutely no substitute for the  best.  Brilliant taste sensation time after time assures your maximum  pleasure with Bertina liquers . - Cal Venho 


Our  unique production method is truly amazing: The strength for the brand  comes from Scandinavian six row barley, matured during the short summers  and continuous sunshine throughout the summer. The elderflower &  other flavors come from soaking the eldeflower tidiously in the ethanol,  letting them mature and then eventually combining the ingredients. A  touch of eldeflower flavor is added to achieve this unique elixier.  Truly delicate and unique!

Our flavors today are exciting:  Elderflower, a great success and extremely fresh flavor;  Blueberry/bilberry, a super-berry of our century made with  hand-picked-from-the-nature berries grown in the unspoiled Scandinavian  forests, soaked and filtered to achieve this amazingly rich flavor. An  then the Cloudberry-elderflower, a one-of-a-kind combination which will  sizzle in your cocktails when customers try it. Also grown in the  swamplands of Lapland in northern Scandinavia. Truly delicate taste  sensation!