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Story of Us

Bertina elderflower has it’s roots in the roaring twenties. As the creator’s grandparents worked hard in New York in the 1920’s, they had a rare chance to enjoy a cocktail every now and then. The choice cocktail was also made with elderflower liqueur. Eventually they created a recipe of their own and that is what we are enjoying in today’s Bertina elderflower liqueur.

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Bertina FAQ

We have selected questions that people are asked us. Here are our frequantly asked questions about Bertina.

Bertina is an artisan liqueur made from ingredients that have grown in nature uncultivated and spoiled by man. Natural elderflowers from northern Europe, wild blueberries from the forests near the arctic circle and cloudberries from last untouched frontiers of the world where reindeer roam free.

Bertina elderflower, Bertina blueberry and Bertina cloudberry-elderflower liqueurs. In ready made cocktails (sparkling cocktails) bertina has cloudberry-elderflower and wild blueberry mixed with processo.